3 Reasons To Promptly Get Your Cavity Filled

Have you been putting off getting your cavity filled because it is easy to cope with? You might want to get the cavity filled as soon as possible to avoid numerous complications that can develop later on. Take a look at the information in this article to find out what might happen if you continue to leave your cavity untreated.

1. Uncontrollable Pain

If you don't make sure your cavity is filled while it is still small, you might begin to experience uncontrollable pain. As a cavity continues to get bigger, it increases the risk of the pulp chamber becoming exposed. You don't want the pulp chamber in your tooth exposed because it is where the nerves are located. Once the nerves are exposed, you can experience pain that is hard to numb, even if you take over-the-counter pain medicine. Usually, the pain will continue until the nerves die, which can then lead to you feeling like everything is fine when it's actually not.

2. The Formation of a Dental Abscess

Leaving a cavity in your tooth for too long can lead to an abscess developing. The abscess can grow under your tooth where it is unnoticeable, or it can create a lump on your gums near the tooth. The worst thing about having a dental abscess is that it is filled with toxic pus that can cause harm to your body in general. Basically, the toxic pus can eventually lead to the spread of an infection that might cause areas of your body like the neck and brain to become infected. In the worst case scenario, a dental abscess can be fatal if you develop an Infection that is severe enough, such as in your brain.

3. Periodontal Disease

An untreated cavity can make it easier for you to develop periodontal disease, especially if there is a large amount of decay. The reason it becomes easier to get periodontal disease is because plaque can get stuck in the cavity and become hard to remove, even if you regularly brush your teeth. The bacteria in plaque is what infects your gums and cause periodontal disease.  You might develop a mild case of the disease called gingivitis, but it can progress to periodontitis, which can result in damaged jawbones and tooth loss. Find the dental clinic of your choice and make an appointment for your cavity to get filled before it leads to other complications.

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