New Braces? Here's What You Need To Know To Keep Your Teeth Clean

If you've recently begun the process of having your teeth straightened, you might not be familiar with the proper way to brush your teeth. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge could result in cavities, gum disease and even pain. When you're wearing braces, it can be difficult to get your teeth clean, especially the spaces around the brackets. Here are some step-by-step instructions that will help you keep your teeth and braces thoroughly clean.

Brush Each Tooth Separately

Now that you have braces, it's more important than ever that you spend extra time brushing each tooth. Beginning in the back, brush each tooth top to bottom and then bottom to top. Move across your mouth from left to right until each of your top teeth have been brushed. Then, move down to the bottom teeth and repeat the process. Be sure brush each tooth in an up and down motion several times.

Don't Forget the Spaces

Once you've brushed each individual tooth, you'll need to move on the spaces between each tooth. Those spaces can be hard to get to when you have braces on. That's where the interproximal brushes come in. The interproximal brushes can get inside the tight spaces between your teeth and the braces. Begin by moving the interproximal brush from the top down and then from the bottom up. Move slowly and carefully across your mouth until you've clean the spaces between each tooth.

Floss After

Just because you have braces, doesn't mean you shouldn't floss your teeth. You'll still need to floss your teeth at least twice a day. Once you've brushed your teeth, be sure to floss. Flossing will remove any debris that was left behind by the interproximal brush. It will also remove particles of food and debris that's stuck along the gum line.

Rinse with Mouthwash

Once you've brushed and flossed, you'll need to rinse with a cavity-fighting mouthwash. Try to choose one that contains fluoride. The mouthwash will keep your teeth and gums clean and germ-free. Be sure to rinse with mouthwash each time you brush your teeth, especially before bedtime. Rinsing your mouth before bedtime will give the mouthwash the opportunity to work while you're asleep.

If you have braces, proper oral hygiene is extremely important. Without proper care, you can develop cavities under your braces. Use the step-by-step instructions provided here to brush your teeth properly while you're wearing braces. Contact a professional like Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics for more information.