Tooth Gaps: Five Ways To Fix Them

Is there a gap located between your teeth that has been bothering you for quite some time? These gaps can occur for several reasons, like genetics, an enlarged frenulum, teeth crowding, or a misaligned jaw. While gaps are common between the front teeth, they can appear anywhere in the mouth. These gaps don't typically need to be fixed for oral health reasons, especially when the cause is genetics, because they won't get worse over time. [Read More]

3 Tips For Your Best Cosmetic Dentistry

In order to get the smile of your dreams, you will need to reach out to a cosmetic dentist that can handle any kind of procedure that you need. When you need teeth whitening or any other sorts of touch ups, don't hesitate to get in touch with a cosmetic dentistry professional that can help you out. If you have never gotten a cosmetic dental appointment before, you can apply the tips below the best that you can, in order to make sure your teeth and gums look as great as they can: [Read More]

Three Things To Do Before You Have Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening offers a great way to restore the beauty of your smile, but you'll want to take the appropriate steps to prepare for your visit. Use this guide, along with your dentist's advice, to prepare for your tooth whitening appointment. Get A Checkup Before undergoing any type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, it's a good idea to get a routine checkup. If there are any issues, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease, you'll want to address them first. [Read More]

2 Herbal Teas To Help Your Child Alleviate TMJ While Wearing Braces After Their Dive

It is important that when your child goes on a dive everything fits as well as possible. This is even more important when they have braces installed. If a device like their mouth guard is either too loose or too tight, then this can lead to TMJ with braces. If they dive fairly often, then they will notice tension on their jaw joints. This not only makes it difficult to speak and eat but can result in future tooth loss that will need to be remedied through the installation of dental restorations. [Read More]