Your Child And Dental Care: Getting Into The Dental Chair Is The First Step

Most children get nervous when they meet a stranger, and the dentist is no different. If you are worried about taking your child to the dentist, you need to remember that the first step is simply getting your child to sit still in the dental chair. Your child can start going to the dentist at any age, usually starting at one years old. While nothing much will occur during the first visit or two, this is a good way to get your child comfortable going to the dentist. [Read More]

How to Keep Your Teeth Pristine Between Dental Checkups

Does your dental insurance plan only cover for you to have one visit during the year, but you are used to having two cleanings and checkups? If so, you want to pay close attention to your smile in between appointments, and there are some things you can do to help preserve your oral health, and to help you save money at the same time. You'll want to do these things to deal with your insurance, and to try to save out of pocket expenses. [Read More]

3 Prosthodontic Treatments for a Cracked Tooth

Prosthodontics refers to the cosmetic restoration of teeth due to an aesthetic problem such as a cracked tooth. Cosmetic dentists have a range of potential treatments for cracking, which tends to damage both the protective enamel layer and some of the dentin. Each treatment option has its own pros and cons to consider before treatment. Here are three of the common prosthodontic treatments for a cracked tooth and the pros and cons of each option. [Read More]

What Happens After Root Canals Are Complete: Wait! There's More!

Most people assume that when they visit their dentists for root canals, the root-canal procedure is complete when the root is clear of pain and disease—but this is not so. In fact, there is always more dental work to be done once the root canal is complete and the dead root has been filled or removed. Here is what many dentists do to the affected teeth after your root-canal procedure is finished. [Read More]