Can Clear Aligners Fix Your Tooth Gaps?

If you have multiple gaps between your teeth, you may consider wearing traditional braces in the future. But if your profession requires you to smile throughout the day, you may wonder if braces are the right choice for you. You can close the gaps between your teeth and maintain privacy with clear aligners. Get the facts about gapped teeth and how clear aligners can fix the gaps between your teeth below. [Read More]

Dealing With Tooth Pain? Try One Of These Home Remedies

Are you experiencing a toothache, but your dentist is closed and you need to wait until the next day to talk to them? Then you'll definitely want to know the following home remedies that can help you relieve the pain. Cold Compress An easy solution to start with is a cold compress. Not only is this good for a toothache, but it is good for any type of pain in the body. [Read More]

Do You Have To Live With A Gap In Your Smile While Your Dental Implant Heals?

For most patients, the successful placement of a dental implant involves a series of visits to their dentist, spread out over several months. The actual surgical placement of the implant is one of the very first steps, and the process can be considered to be finished when your jaw has successfully healed around the implant, creating a sturdy anchor. Only then can the implant have its permanent dental crown (which is your replacement tooth) fitted. [Read More]

What Are The Signs That You Need New Veneers?

Veneers, also known as porcelain laminates, are not permanent as most people think. At some point, you will need to buy new ones. A replacement might come sooner than expected if you invested in low-quality veneers and failed to give them the required care. If you are unsure when the porcelain laminates need to be replaced, there is no need to panic. Here are some red flags you need to watch out for to know when a replacement is due. [Read More]