Your Child And Dental Care: Getting Into The Dental Chair Is The First Step

Most children get nervous when they meet a stranger, and the dentist is no different. If you are worried about taking your child to the dentist, you need to remember that the first step is simply getting your child to sit still in the dental chair. Your child can start going to the dentist at any age, usually starting at one years old. While nothing much will occur during the first visit or two, this is a good way to get your child comfortable going to the dentist. The more practice you give your child, the more likely they are to cooperate when they need actual dental work done.

Stay Calm and Just Keep Trying

If you get worried or anxious going to the dentist, your child is going to pick up on these fears. When you bring your child to the dentist, you need to focus on staying calm. If you get worked up trying to force your child to cooperate, they are likely to get more belligerent. Give it a good try by having your child sit down. If they simply won't cooperate, make another appointment in six months. Eventually they will begin to allow the dentist to look at their teeth.

Let the Staff Do the Work

People who work in a dental office with young children tend to have the skills they need to get a child to cooperate. When you try to help, this often confuses your child. Allow the technician to talk with your child and try not to get in the middle. If they ask for your help, then give it, but otherwise let them try to build a relationship with your child. You may be surprised at how much your child will cooperate once you are taken out of the equation.

Take Care of Your Child's Teeth at Home

You can start very early by using a finger toothbrush on your infant's gums. As your child gets older, make sure that their teeth are brushed twice a day and that you floss their teeth once a day. Keep your child involved in the process, and set up a routine that you stick to. The better you can take care of your child's teeth at home, the less stressful a dental visit will be.

If your child is afraid of the dentist, have some patience. They will eventually get used to the dental office, as long as you keep trying. Contact a dental office like Crest Hill Family Dental for more information.