What To Do When Your Child Loses An Adult Tooth

A child losing one of their newly-grown, adult teeth often causes worry in parents. There are plenty of things your family dentist can do to take care of the problem.

Booking Same Day Dental Appointments

Booking a same day dental appointment is a good idea when possible. But it's not always feasible if there isn't a same day care provider in your area, or your child has been skittish in the past about seeing a dental care provider other than a trusted family dentist. The bottom line is to get care as soon as possible.

Preventing Additional Damage

Before you get to the dentist, wrap your child's tooth in gauze if it's loose. If the tooth has fallen out, still use gauze to stop the bleeding. Bring the tooth into the appointment with you. If there is a lot of pain, over the counter painkillers are fine to take.

Examining the Issue

Your dentist will look at a few things, such as the location of the tooth, the extent of the chipping or tooth loss, whether any other teeth are affected, and the general dental health of your child.

Fixing the Issue

Depending on the findings from a dental examination, there are a few ways to go with a treatment. If the tooth is simply loose but the blood vessels are still attached, there may be a possibility of saving the tooth if it is immobilized.

If the tooth is chipped in a minor way, your dentist might be able to file the tooth so that it minimizes the appearance of a chipped tooth.

With teeth that are partially broken off, dental veneers are a possible solution. They will create a new appearance for teeth that are healthy but misshapen. The porcelain veneer can be attached to the surface of an existing tooth to protect it.

If the tooth is a complete loss, then dental implants are often your best choice. It requires an oral surgery to replace the tooth with a permanent prosthetic. That's not as scary as it sounds, since dental implants involve a very well-tested and successful procedure. However, as with any of the dental solutions above, it will only be recommended by your family dentistry expert if the child's health and dental maturity will allow it. So your first step is getting a dental evaluation to determine what options are available for preserving your child's smile.

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