How To Spruce Up Your Dental Office Waiting Room For A Better Wait

Going to the dentist is not something most people enjoy. But if you have a friendly and welcoming waiting room in the dental office, you can help make the experience less threatening. Here are some ways to spruce up a waiting room and make it into a place where your guests can relax and mentally prepare for their appointments.

1. Paint the walls blue.

The color blue has a very soothing, relaxing quality without being too fun or playful. Choose a pale to medium blue, perhaps a cornflower shade, to paint the walls. Some white or dark blue accents, like woodwork and curtains, can make for a balanced appeal.

2. Display the dentist's certificates.

Some dentists prefer to display their certificates and credentials in their patient rooms, but if the dentist is willing to place these in the waiting room instead, that can be preferable. Guests can look at the certificates as they wait, and this will instill confidence that the dentist is a qualified professional who knows what they are doing.

3. Put down a welcome mat.

A welcome mat is one of those simple touches that can do so much for the space. It reminds patients of home, thus making them feel comforted and welcomed from the moment they step in the door. It will also keep your carpets clean, which is a nice bonus.

4. Provide magazines.

Most people these days will just browse on their smartphones while they await their appointments, but you are bound to have a few older patients who do not use smartphones. So don't ditch those magazines -- a good variety on topics like housekeeping, cooking, and health is essential.

5. Use fake plants.

Plants make an office look green and fresh, but what if some patients are allergic to the plants you choose? You're better off with fake plants. There are some very convincing ones out there today, and they won't make anyone sneeze.

6. Play music.

Play music softly in the background to help drown out any drilling or polishing noises coming from the back of the office. Classical music is a good choice since it is notoriously soothing. You can also play today's top hits -- perhaps from a censored channel in case kids are in your office.

With the tips above, your dental office waiting room will be the perfect spot for people to relax and wait for dental care.