Tips For Preserving Your Dental Implants

If you have broken or chipped a tooth, you can have the teeth replaced using dental implants, if repairs are not an option or an ideal choice. Dental implants result in a pleasing smile, but they are not without maintenance needs. You must care for them just like your natural teeth. The following are some tips to care for your dental implants:

Good Oral Hygiene

Your dental implants are just as important as your natural teeth. The areas between the implants and the gums are a haven for trapped food. This is a prime growth area for bacteria, which can cause gum disease. You should brush and floss daily. Try not to use any toothpaste that contains an abrasive. Also, avoid using particularly harsh rinsing agents. Both of these products can cause the implants to break down.

The importance of flossing is paramount for implants. Although it is easy to forget, or just choose not to floss, it is essential to do so daily. Your smile will look better and you will remove the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

The goal of flossing the implants is to make sure there is nothing left on your gums that can make them unhealthy. When you still have natural teeth, you can still get decay and harmful bacteria growth. If you are concerned about the method of flossing implants, be sure to ask about the procedure with your cosmetic dentist.

Stain Prevention

Just like natural teeth, implants can get stained. Although you can use some bleaching agents to help whiten the teeth, it's not advisable to do often. To best avoid any staining, you should try to avoid any food or drink that can be problematic. This includes coffee, tea, red wine, and the like. If you do partake in a beverage or food that could cause staining, be sure to brush your implants afterward. Be sure to discuss whitening options with your cosmetic dentist so you know exactly how to properly care for your implants.

Dental Checkups

Just because you have implants does not get you off the hook with dental checkups and cleanings. Your cosmetic dentist will still need to look at any remaining natural teeth and perform x-rays to check your jawbone condition. The dentist will also make sure your gums are in good condition.

Dental implants can significantly increase your confidence, but you need to care for them. The implants are an investment, so it is crucial that you care for them properly.