Pediatric Dental Care - Over Retained Baby Teeth

If you have a child, then you may follow their oral care closely and watch the way that the adult teeth come into the mouth. However, there are cases where the permanent teeth simply do not erupt as they should. If the baby teeth remain in the mouth and do not fall out, then this is referred to as a case of over-retained baby teeth. If your child is dealing with this, then you should learn more about the cause and the possible solution.

Causes For Over Retained Baby Teeth

There are numerous reasons why the baby teeth may remain in the jaw. The most common is the lack of a permanent or adult tooth to replace the baby one. Typically, as the adult teeth grow strong and solid, they start to move into position, destroying the root of the baby tooth in the process. When the baby tooth has no root left, it loosens and releases from the mouth. However, the baby tooth will stay put if there is no pressure placed on the root.

In other cases, the baby tooth will actually attach itself too strongly to the jaw bone. The gentle force of the emerging adult tooth is not enough to disrupt the bond between the root and the bone. And, sometimes the adult tooth cannot emerge due to the position of other teeth. This happens when there is an overcrowding issue where several teeth are trying to move into the same space.

Blunt trauma to the jaw can lead to serious damage to the permanent teeth, and the teeth may no longer be healthy enough to emerge.

Help From A Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist can look at your child's anatomy, oral health, and other factors to determine the cause of the over retention. The cause will dictate the treatment plan and the approach to dental care. If the baby teeth are stuck within the jaw, the bone can be surgically cut so the baby teeth can be removed by the dental professional. This leaves an open space where the permanent teeth can come in. 

If there are no adult teeth underneath the baby teeth, then your dentist can decide to leave the teeth in place or remove them. Removing the baby teeth may be the best choice if orthodontic treatments are needed. This can open up space and reduce the need for future extractions. 

If you want to understand the types of treatments that are available for over-retained baby teeth, contact a pediatric dentistry