Can Clear Aligners Fix Your Tooth Gaps?

If you have multiple gaps between your teeth, you may consider wearing traditional braces in the future. But if your profession requires you to smile throughout the day, you may wonder if braces are the right choice for you. You can close the gaps between your teeth and maintain privacy with clear aligners. Get the facts about gapped teeth and how clear aligners can fix the gaps between your teeth below.

What Should You Know About Gapped Teeth?

Gapped teeth, or diastema, describe teeth that contain visible spaces between them. Diastema can affect people of all ages, including adults who work in professional settings. Gapped teeth can cause cosmetic and oral health problems over time.

A number of problems may cause diastema in adults, including tooth loss and small teeth. Having small or underdeveloped adult teeth can also lead to diastema. The conditions cause your teeth to spread out in the jawbone rather than remain close together. 

Although diastema can correct itself in some people, the condition can become worse for other people. In some cases, the gaps can cause problems with your appearance, eating habits, and sleep habits.

You can correct diastema with clear aligners. However, you must schedule an appointment with a dentist to do so.

What Should You Know About Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are translucent braces that move and reposition misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth describe teeth that don't line up or fit correctly in your jawbones. Aligners correct gapped teeth by moving them closer together in the jawbone. The braces use small amounts of pressure to guide teeth into their correct places in the jaw.

In order to determine whether or not clear aligners are right for you, a dentist will need to evaluate your teeth. Clear aligners work more effectively on teeth that don't have visible tooth decay or damage. If your teeth appear in good condition, a dentist will process your clear aligners.

The process of creating and fitting clear aligners doesn't take long to complete. First, a dentist will create replicas of your natural teeth. The replicas help a dentist create aligners that fit each tooth comfortably. Your aligners must also match the size of your teeth and jawbones. If your aligners are too small, they may cause undue tension and stress on your mouth. 

After a dentist creates the right aligners for you, you can wear them as prescribed. Learn how clear aligners can fix your gapped teeth by consulting a dentist today.