2 Herbal Teas To Help Your Child Alleviate TMJ While Wearing Braces After Their Dive

It is important that when your child goes on a dive everything fits as well as possible. This is even more important when they have braces installed. If a device like their mouth guard is either too loose or too tight, then this can lead to TMJ with braces. If they dive fairly often, then they will notice tension on their jaw joints. This not only makes it difficult to speak and eat but can result in future tooth loss that will need to be remedied through the installation of dental restorations. [Read More]

2 Tips To Ease Inflammation From A Bone Tissue Infection Surrounding Your Dental Implant

After a dental implant is installed, this does not mean that your implant is in the clear. A dental implant can fail following installation for a number of reasons. For example, poor implant placement or oral care can result in a bone tissue infection surrounding your dental implant. This will increase your implant's chances of failure. A bone tissue infection is usually signaled by inflammation surrounding the dental implant. The inflammation makes it difficult to eat and enjoy your favorite activities. [Read More]

How To Get Rid Of Stains Caused By Dental Fluorosis

If you consumed too much fluoride when you were a child, you may now have stains on your teeth as an adult that were caused by the fluoride. This is a condition called dental fluorosis, and you may have mild or severe stains from this. If you have severe staining on your teeth from this and are tired of living with these stains, you should visit a cosmetic dentist in your area to find out if one of the following options would be good for treating these stains. [Read More]

What To Do When Your Child Loses An Adult Tooth

A child losing one of their newly-grown, adult teeth often causes worry in parents. There are plenty of things your family dentist can do to take care of the problem. Booking Same Day Dental Appointments Booking a same day dental appointment is a good idea when possible. But it's not always feasible if there isn't a same day care provider in your area, or your child has been skittish in the past about seeing a dental care provider other than a trusted family dentist. [Read More]