6 Tips To Keep Your Kid Unafraid At The Dentist

It's easy for children to become afraid of visiting the dentist. Not can it be a scary and unpleasant experience, but not all dentists are specialized in working with children. If you're tired of every trip to the dentist being a fight, here are some tips to follow. 1. Don't Use the Dentist as a Threat Most children start being afraid of the dentist because the dentist is used as a threat—" [Read More]

3 Unusual Reasons For Receding Gums

If your gums are receding, it may be most likely due to gum disease, or gingivitis. Gum recession can also be accompanied by bleeding, inflammation, loose teeth, and toothaches. If your gums are receding, visit your dentist for a complete checkup and treatment, if necessary. However, while gum disease is the most common cause of gum recession, there are other, less common causes. Here are three unusual reasons for receding gums and what you can do about them: [Read More]

Did You Just Get Your First Cavity As An Adult? Use This Guide To Understand Your Options

You've worked hard all your life to take good care of your oral health. Yet, tooth decay sometimes happens even when you are doing your best to brush and floss every day. While the news that you have a cavity is always upsetting, the good news is that dental technology has advanced to the point that you have many options for restoring the tooth. As you prepare for your first tooth repair ever, use this guide to understand the different types of teeth fillings that are available to give you the best results. [Read More]

3 Important Steps When Dealing With Wisdom Teeth Pain

When your wisdom teeth start growing in, you may experience slight to sever discomfort. You shouldn't have to put up with this chronic pain, as you have a life to live. You don't have to if you take these helpful steps.  Rinse with Warm Salt Water You don't need expensive or technical substances to treat pain caused by growing wisdom teeth. You can in fact use home solutions, and one of the most effective is warm salt water. [Read More]