Talk To Your Dentist About What They Will Use To Fill Your Cavities

When you go see your dentist, they will check to see if you have any cavities. If you have cavities, the dentist will need to fill them so they don't get any worse. If you don't do anything about them, the cavities will start to hurt, and eventually, your tooth will need to be removed. The bacteria that caused the cavity you have right now can spread to other teeth and start cavities there or worsen existing cavities. [Read More]

Did Your Dental Restoration Fall Out? Fillings And The Family Dentist

Did you lose a filling? Take a look at what you need to know about this common issue, the causes, the symptoms, and how a family dentist can help. Why Would A Filling Fall Out? Even though dental fillings are long-lasting and highly durable restorations, they aren't perfect. Some factors can increase the risk of a filling loss. These include new areas of decay in the tooth (surrounding the filling), the types of foods you eat (sticky, crunchy, and hard foods can damage the tooth or pull a filling out), the way you chew, tooth-grinding behaviors, some types of chemical reactions, and injury/trauma. [Read More]

Two Tips To Use When You Need Affordable Emergency Dental Care

Although nearly all physical discomfort leads to distress, few ailments can match the level of misery that can be caused by a dental mishap. In the overall scheme of things, your teeth are some of the smallest members of your body. However, when you break a tooth, experience a toothache, or undergo some other type of problem surrounding your mouth, the pain can be astronomical. If you have a good dental insurance plan you may not worry too much about the financial aspect of the matter because you know you'll be covered. [Read More]

When Should You Use Sedation Dentistry And When Should You Power Through It Instead?

Sedation dentistry has helped many people get through dental procedures that they might otherwise have simply avoided. Most dentists offer it, and if yours doesn't, you can find someone nearby who does. However, sedation is sedation, and that means there are additional issues you have to know about, such as an extra cost or not being able to drive yourself home from the dentist. These are minor compared to the benefits of being sedated while undergoing a procedure that you wouldn't normally have when not sedated. [Read More]