What To Do If You Knock Out A Tooth

When you have a tooth knocked out, you have a small window of time to do something about it before you lose your tooth for good. Know what to do when your tooth gets lost in an accident, so you have the best chance of having your smile back to normal.

Preserve your tooth immediately

If you can recover your tooth, preserve it by placing it back in your mouth and gently bite down on it so you can protect the root and nerve structure of your tooth and mouth. This also helps increase the chances that a dentist will be able to put the tooth back in permanently. Try to avoid damaging the roots as much as possible. If you are unable to place your tooth back in your mouth, put it in a cup of milk or saliva instead for transport to the dentist. The sooner you preserve your tooth, the better chances you have of being able to keep it.

Seek emergency dental care

The sooner you get to the dentist, the better. The reason for this is any heat, cold, or dryness that hits your tooth can permanently damage its root and make it irreparable. Ice your mouth to reduce swelling while you wait to get to the dentist so your mouth isn't too swollen to be worked on.Your dentist can help determine if your tooth is able to be put back in, or if you'll have to get a dental implant instead. In some cases, your mouth may be too swollen or damaged to place your tooth back in, and your dentist will have to talk to you about alternative treatments for your condition.

What you should do if your tooth cannot be saved

If you're fortunate, your tooth will be able to be saved easily. Many people, however, have to get dental implants instead, as their original tooth is either cracked, missing, or too damaged at its root to be placed back in the mouth. If this is the case for you, then a dental implant may be necessary. Your dentist will design you an implant (a permanent false tooth) to match the color and size of your original tooth, so it fits naturally in your mouth.

When you have a tooth knocked out, it can be quite the ordeal. Your dentist can help you replace the tooth or perform a dental implant for you so you can have your smile back. For more information, contact a clinic like Salem Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.