Tips For Avoiding Dentures

When your teeth become decayed or are already missing, you may need to consider dentures.  Dentures are false teeth put in during the day and taken out at night to be cleaned.  They can replace the top or the bottom teeth, or both.  While technology allows modern dentures to look good, most people want to keep their own teeth as long as they are well taken care of.  Here are some simple things that you can do to avoid the need to get dentures. 


There are many health foods that encourage healthy teeth.  Beverages that help to promote healthy teeth include water and milk.  It is best to eat a diet full of foods full of calcium that will protect the tooth enamel.  Some of these foods include lean meats, chicken, nuts, cheese and other dairy products.  Fruits and vegetables that have a crunch are also healthy foods for teeth, such as apples and carrots.  Foods containing acid should be eaten with other foods, and not as much by themselves.  This includes citrus fruits and tomatoes.

There are also many foods to avoid if you want to keep your teeth healthy.  Drinks containing sugar should be avoided as much as possible.  Foods that should be avoided include sweets, mints, sugary gum, breads, pretzels, potato chips, raisins, dried fruit and French fries.   When you eat foods that contain added sugar and natural sugars, they will create bacteria in your mouth.  Bacteria, if not brushed away immediately, can lead to tooth decay.


As you grow older, the body starts to deteriorate over time.  As you constantly use your teeth to chew, bite and eat crunchy foots, your teeth get normal wear and tear and over time, these functions can gradually take a toll on your teeth.  Acid erosion also happens on your teeth over time.  Carbohydrates eaten and left on the teeth will start a ferment process and produce acid on the teeth.    

With age, the chances of dry mouth increases.  This can cause many different problems in the mouth, including problems with the gums and tooth decay.  Drinking plenty of water can help the flow of saliva and will help tooth enamel stay healthy. 

Gum disease is more likely to happen as you age.  Spaces are formed along the gum line that can get inflamed and infected by bacteria if not treated over time.  This damages the tissue and can even damage the bone, causing tooth loss.    

An unhealthy lifestyle means that your body will start to age faster.  In keeping with a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and daily exercise, you can help to maintain a healthy body, therefore maintaining healthy teeth.  The teeth that grow in while you are young are the only teeth that you have.  This means that you must take good care of them for your entire life. 

Proper Dental Care    

Everyone should be taking good care of their teeth.  This includes visiting your family dentistry office every 6 months.  They will show you the proper way to care for your teeth.  Not only will basic oral hygiene most likely prevent you from having to get dentures, but it will also help to combat bad breath and gum disease as well. 

Taking care of your body will help you to live a long and healthy life.  Taking care of your teeth is a big part of that, too.  Preventing the need for dentures will ensure that you'll have an easy and natural smile.  Regular trips to the dentist, like to Baker Dental Care, will help keep your teeth healthy.