Whitening Teeth With Items In Your Home

If you feel your teeth are not as white as you would like, you may have considered going to a dentist to have a bleaching procedure done to get the desired results you are looking for. If you are saving money to have the procedure done, are pregnant and are advised to wait, or cannot get an appointment right away, you may want to try some whitening tips on your own using materials you already may have in your home. If you do not already have the materials needed, you can pick them up inexpensively from your local grocery store. Here are some safe teeth whitening tricks you can try using house hold items found in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Try Some Fruit

There are a few types of fruit that have been known to whiten teeth. The malic acid in strawberries will remove surface stains with regular application. Simply chop a strawberry and mash it into a pulp using a fork. Lean your head back, open your mouth and apply the pulp directly to the discolored teeth. Keep the strawberry pulp in place for several minutes and then remove. Do this a few times a week to whiten your teeth. Banana and citrus fruit peels work at removing surface stains as well. Rub the interior portion of a peel on your teeth to help brighten them.

Make A Paste

While using whitening toothpastes can help brighten a smile, they use chemicals to get the process done. If you are looking for a natural alternative, make your own paste from baking soda and water. Place a few tablespoons of baking soda in a cup and add enough water to moisten it. Mix well and add more water until it has a consistency of toothpaste. Add a squeeze of lemon juice for flavoring, if desired. Limit the usage of baking soda on your teeth to once a week, as it can wear away enamel if used in excess.

Use A Mouthwash

Another way to brighten teeth is to use a mouthwash made from hydrogen peroxide. This is usually used to help keep cuts from becoming infected, but can also be used on your teeth to remove bacteria and staining. Place two tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your mouth to use as a mouthwash. After you spit it out, rinse your mouth out well with water and continue with your brushing routine.

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