The Process And Perks Of Having A Dental Crown

Dental visits, to a place like Niantic Dental Associates P C, can be scary for patients of all ages. Some people think that gettting a porcelain crown put on is a big and traumatic surgery. In fact, dental crown installation is fairly routine. It is not too much more traumatic than a normal filling. This article explains the process of getting a porcelain crown. When you are familiar with the process, it seems much less intimidating.

Basic Overview of the Process

Getting a crown installed is easy, but it does require a few return visits to the dentist. Overall, it could take over a month from the time of the first filling to the installation of the permanent crown.

A crown is usually put on a tooth where a cavity is too big for the tooth. If the surface area of a tooth is too damaged, the dentist will suggest having a crown put on. The dentist will need to fill the holes inside the tooth before preparing it for the crown. The crown is installed onto a post formed from the salvageable part of the tooth. Basically, the tooth is ground down with the drill. This might take a fair bit of drilling time. The crown is glued directly onto the post. However, first the dentist will have to install a temporary crown. The temporary crown will remain in your mouth until the permanent crown is ready. You will need to wait at least a week for the permanent crown to be made. The dentist will usually have a third party porcelain specialist make the tooth. The crown is made based on impression from your original tooth.

Perks of Having a Crown

While you probably don't want to have a crown put on, you might enjoy a few of the benefits. First, a crown is smoother than a normal tooth. This is much better than having a rough, large filling. This makes it easier to brush. Also, because it is so smooth, crown as easier to clean, especially in regards to plaque build up the color will remain true. You don't need to worry about your crown yellowing over time. This does not mean that you can just neglect your new crown and not partake in normal hygiene practices.

If your dentist suggests that you get a crown, don't put it aside. Get it done as soon as possible before you tooth starts to decay even more. You don't want to end up with a root canal.