4 Tricks For Dealing With Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can hit you when you least expect it, and you will not always be able to visit your dentist right away when it happens. That is why it can help to know how to deal with tooth pain at home. Here are 4 tricks to help take care of it.

Salt Water Rinse

One common household item that can make your tooth feel better is salt. All you need to do is mix some salt in warm water. Just add enough so that the water has a salty taste to it. Then you can swish the water for a couple minutes before you spit it out. Salt helps clean the gums around the problematic tooth, and it will even assist with reducing swelling. Use the rinse throughout the day to relieve pain as necessary.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Bacterial infections can be the cause of tooth pain. In order to fight that bacteria, you can use hydrogen peroxide to rinse out your mouth. Be extra careful to not swallow any of the hydrogen peroxide; just swish it and spit it out. Rinse out your mouth with water afterwards to ensure that it is all gone.

Tea Bags

Swishing tea is another technique to help relieve pain. Use a black tea, since it has tannins in it that can cause swelling to be reduced. Peppermint tea is another option, since the peppermint will cause mild numbing to occur.

To use this technique, simply brew tea without adding any sugar to it. You could also soak the tea bags in a cup of warm water, then place the tea bags against any tooth that's hurting you.

Clove Oil

The great thing about clove oil is that it contains eugenol, which is a chemical known to soothe tooth pain. All you need to do is pour clove oil directly onto a single cotton ball, then press it against your tooth that feels painful. Do not pour oil directly onto the tooth, since the oil can be strong and sting if it gets on your tongue or gums. Clove oil is sold at places that sell health food and at pharmacies.

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to deal with the pain from a toothache before you're able to see a dentist. Do not delay, and reach out to a local dentist in your area to help you figure out why your tooth is hurting so much. Check out websites like http://belgradedental.com/ to learn more.