Why Get a Same-Day Dental Crown?

If your dentist tells you that you need to get a dental crown, you may be worried about the process taking a long time over several trips to the dental office. There is actually an alternative to a traditional crown where it can be installed in a single day. Here is why you should consider getting a same day dental crown.

Save Time

The biggest advantage of getting a same day dental crown is the time savings. The traditional way involves going in once to have a mold made of the tooth, waiting for the crown to be made, and then coming back to have it placed on the tooth. A same day crown is actually made with 3D modeling, which allows the dentist to make the new crown in their office. This means the tooth is fixed in a single visit and you can go back to normal activities

No Risk of Tooth Damage

The problem with waiting to get a traditional dental crown made is the length of time where your tooth is not protected. There is a risk of the area becoming infected, hurt, or damaging the tooth that does not have the stability it can have with a dental crown. Having a same day crown means that your tooth will always be protected, eliminating the chance of the tooth breaking in between dental visits

Better Comfort

A traditional crown is made with a porcelain material, which can feel quite heavy and feel uncomfortable on your tooth. A same day crown is made with a lightweight material that has a lower risk of cracking once it is placed onto your tooth. If you know someone that has had both types of crowns placed in their mouth, ask them about which one they prefer. You may be surprised that the prefer the same day crown.

Eat What You Want

One problem with waiting to get a dental crown is the down time where you are limited to what you can eat. This can be challenging for some people, which is why they often eat what they want anyway and cause damage to their unprotected tooth. A same day crown will allow you to eat the foods you want immediately, so you won't miss out on a single tasty meal just because you need a crown installed.

Ask your dentist about more benefits of having a same day dental crown rather than a traditional one.